Meet the Course Builder

December 20, 2021
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The Course Builder is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal 

The SkillSuite Course Builder Logo

Built to be fully customizable, you will find everything you need to create any training course any way you need.

The SkillSuite Course Builder allows you to easily create new courses from scratch. Even if you plan on working with a pre-built course, understanding the course builder and section editor tools will allow you to customize and edit the course to fit your exact needs.

The SkillSuite Course Builder 

The Course Builder is where you are able to build and edit your training course. The Course Builder is organized into two sections. The Course Outliner, and the Section Editor.

The Course Outliner

A screen shot of the SkillSuite Course Outliner
The SkillSuite Course Builder

Each course is broken into lessons and sections. Lessons indicate an overall topic that your student will learn during the proceeding series of sections. Whereas each of the sections are the individual learning modules that hold your course content.

For example:

Lesson: The Solar System

  • Section 1 - The Sun
  • Section 2 - Mercury
  • Section 3 - Venus

And so forth.

You can quickly build the structure of your entire course in minutes within the course outliner, and the best part is that the entire outline can be re-organized, re-edited, and even duplicated and moved to another course all together if needed. This will allow you to quickly see what the overall experience your students will have when they begin your course.

In the Outliner, you will also notice that you have settings available right up here in the corner. These settings will allow you to set further parameters into your course to get the results and experience you are looking for. Update course colors, completion requirements, and more.

The Section Editor

A screenshot of the SkillSuite Section Editor of the Course Builder
The SkillSuite Section Editor

The Section Editor is where the magic happens. Within the Section Editor you will have full access to all of the SkillSuite lesson blocks. 

Each lesson block is the fully customizable and are used to build the content within each section. Each block functions similar to a WYSIWYG editor, but with specific parameters that keep each block focused on its use and purpose. The blocks stack seamlessly on top of each other to build out a full, engaging course.

There are currently 8 Lesson Blocks available, with more on the way. See the SkillSuite Lesson Blocks in action on the features page! We are excited to present each of these tools to you. Try SkillSuite today and begin building your first course in minutes.