Efficiently train groups and user types with automations

Use powerful, yet simple automations to do your work for you. Save time by creating automated assignments that eliminate the need to manually add users to courses or learning tracks.

A screen capture of the SkillSuite Automations panel.

Set It. Forget It.

Focus your time on what matters most with Automations

Fully Customizable Quiz Builder

Assignments by user type

Do users of a certain title need to all take the same instruction? Gone are the days of assigning the courses one by one to each user.

A screen capture of the SkillSuite automations by user type.

Assignments by user group

Specific courses for different departments? Not a problem in SkillSuite as you can make assignments for specific groups.

A screen capture of the SkillSuite automations condition panel.

Knowledge Build

Automate the order in which courses are taken to help users build a knowledge base from the ground up.

A screen capture of SkillSuite Knowledge Build conditions panel.