Not Curation.

A screen shot of a SkillSuite Course. The caption reads "How to create a classic wispy lash map."A screen shot of a SkillSuite Course. This lesson represents a Lash Map for a lash extensions course. A screen shot of a SkillSuite Course. This screenshots represents a quiz.A screen shot of a SkillSuite Course. The lesson represents elements of studying the Solar System.A screen shot of a SkillSuite Course. This is the lesson overview panel. A screen shot of a SkillSuite Course. This lesson represents elements of a harassments course.

Your Business is Unique. Your Training Should Be Too.

Our native course builder gives you the tools you need to customize and build your own unique training courses. Don't trust anyone else to curate your content. CREATE it!

Build Engaging and Interactive Courses in Minutes

You don't have to spend a ton of time and money to build courses your audience deserves. Finally an LMS with a drag and drop builder that helps you create top tier learning experiences at the click of a button.

Build Anything You Can Imagine with Interactive Lesson Blocks

The SkillSuite Lesson Blocks are designed to give you ultimate control over how and what you teach. Each block is designed to allow you teach your content with the most efficient and effect way possible.
The SkillSuite Text Block Icon.

Dynamic Text Block

Create powerful copy using our rich text editor. Change fonts, colors, sizes and layouts. Insert tables, bullet points, links and images anywhere you want. For even more customization, use custom HTML code to build your course in any way imaginable.

A gif showing the Text Block in use.
The SkillSuite Video Block Icon.

Video Block

Upload your own video files, or embed a link to your video that's hosted on YouTube, Viemo or other platforms.

A gif showing the Video Block in use.
The SkillSuite Image Block Icon.

Image Block

Select from millions of royalty free images with our build-in stock image library or our Giphy library. Or, if you have your own custom images you can easily upload those.

A gif showing the Image Block in use.
The SkillSuite Image hotspot Block Icon.

Image Hotspots

Let learners explore key components of your images using hotspots. Upload an image or select one from our royalty free library. Quickly add interactive markers and describe them with text.

A gif showing the Image Hotspot block in use.
The SkillSuite Flash Cards Block Icon.

Flashcard Activities

Make learning fun and interactive! Quickly add flashcards and edit the content on the front and back using text or images. Let your learners flip through interactive cards and keep them engaged in your course.

A gif showing flash cards in use.
The SkillSuite List Item Block Icon.

List View

Organize important information in list views. Choose numbered, bulleted, and checkboxes to easily display your content. Edit the styles and colors any way you want.

A gif showing the list view block in use while building a course.

Mobile Friendly

Whether you want to assign training courses to specific user types or ensure that an entire department takes the same course, SkillSuite user groups makes this simple. You can also manage permissions at the individual or group level.
An image representing courses on a mobile device. 3 mobile devices with 3 courses are presented.