Test For Understanding and Record Results

Assess learners' knowledge with optional or required quizzes. Need to record passing scores? Results are kept for each individual user and rolled up reports are available for groups

A screen show showing a SkillSuite quiz, and the quiz builder.

Retention is the Key To Success

Learners might go through your trainings in your current LMS, but are they retaining the necessary information? Our easy-to-use quiz builder makes it easy to know what your users are gaining from training and where gaps may exist.

Fully Customizable Quiz Builder

Multiple Choice

Simple, basic, yet effective. Create multiple choice questions in seconds.

A screen capture showing a multiple choice question in use.

Multiple Response

Multiple response questions are an effective way to evaluate expanded comprehension or more complex scenarios.

A screen show showing a SkillSuite quiz, and the quiz builder.

Short Answer Response

Take things up a notch by challenging your learners to provide an answer without the prompts of a multiple-choice question

A screen capture showing the Short Response question in use.

Essay Response

Open ended questions are a great way to collect feedback or evaluate thought processes.

A screen shot of the Essay Response question in use.

Weighted Questions

Not all questions are created equal. Weigh questions differently depending on their importance.

A screen capture showing the weighted question in use.

Set passing score

To ensure that learners are really learning what they need to know, you can set a passing score value that each learner has to hit in order to pass the quiz.

A screen capture showing the SkillSuite quiz settings panel.