Know who is completing courses at a glance

Want to know who has completed which courses? Or what department has scored best on in-course assessments? SkillSuite's reporting makes it quick and easy to access reports you need reports you need.

A screen shot representing the SkillSuite statistics and reports panel.

Quickly view the progress and completion status of your learners

Assigning a course for the first time? Our email builder not only helps you notify users of the assignment, but now you can sell your users on the value of the course. And automating reminders is a breeze!

Fully Customizable Quiz Builder

Course reporting

See how many users are assigned to a course and the completion rate. In addition, quiz scores are easily accessible.

A screen capture representing the SkillSuite course reporting panels.

User reporting

Need to know what the course completion status for a specific user or user type? SkillSuite helps you drill down to exactly what you need.

A screen capture representing the SkillSuite learners and user reporting panel.

View quiz responses

Get accurate details about your learners and where they excel in your quizzes and also where they may be struggling. You can view overall quiz statistics as well as individual responses.

Two samples screenshots from SkillSuite showing results generated from a quiz