Full Control to Manage Your Organization

Get a bird's-eye-view on exactly what is happening within your business with tools to manage your people.

Two screen shots showing the SkillSuite Members and User Groups pages.

Flexible User Management Designed to Fit Any Need

Whether you want to assign training courses to specific user types or ensure that an entire department takes the same course, SkillSuite user groups makes this simple. You can also manage permissions at the individual or group level.

Create groups and subgroups to organize your company

You can create groups to reflect the set up of your company, with the ability to create subgroups with nested permissions, preventing users from being able to access content above their assigned group level.

A screen shot showing the SkillSuite Members page.

Create users and assign them appropriate permissions

Create users and assign the permissions necessary according to the access you want to give them.

A screen shot showing the SkillSuite add user panel.