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A graphic representing SkillSuite Plus Shopify. This graphic shows the SkillSuite logo, a plus mark, and the Shopify logo within an open drawn circle.

SkillSuite: COMMERCE™

The Easiest Way to Create and Sell Online Education

SkillSuite provides powerful the tools you need to create and sell online education. Together with Shopify, easily sell online education alongside any other products your company may offer on a single platform, allowing you to keep your brand at the forefront of your student experience.

The Open Video button, represented by an arrow inside of a rounded box. Press to open a video.
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Build Your Course

SkillSuite's Course Builder allows you to create your course any way you want. Each course is fully integrated directly into your store!

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Grow Your Business

Easy-to-use tracking and progress tools gives you the data you need to take full advantage of the Shopify Platform to sell your course.

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Automate Your Success

Let SkillSuite do the heavy lifting with powerful automations. SkillSuite can also integrate with YotPo, Klaviyo, HubSpot and ReCharge.

Create Your Course

SkillSuite’s customizable Course Builder makes it easy to create dynamic, engaging, and professional training courses that your customers will remember.

Organize your course into lessons.

Each lesson is built with Interactive Lesson Blocks. These learning modules give you total control of how you teach, from text, images, videos, flash cards, and more. If you can build a Slide Presentation, you can create a SkillSuite Course. It truly is that simple.

A row of lesson block icons, including the text block icon, the ordered list icon, the image icon, the video block icon, the flash cards block icon, the sorting block icon, the image hotspot block icon, and the re-order block icon.
A man playing the guitar surrounded by blue icons representing creativity.

Build A Business Teaching Your Passion

The Arts
Life and Goals
An screenshot of a website showing with a caption that reads "Think Beyond the Standards, Learn Design that will Sell." Behind the screen shot is the icon that represents the SkillSuite Automations.

Powerful Automations Work Behind the Scenes

SkillSuite includes customizable automation tools built to meet the needs of you and your students.

Email notifications and funnels, product upsell, discount codes, and so much more.

Screen shot of the SkillSuite Email Designer.
Screen Shot of the SkillSuite Email Template page.
Screen shot of the SkillSuite Flows, logic automation builder.

Sales and Student Tracking at Your Fingertips

Don’t miss a beat with SkillSuite's backend management tools. Track student progress, course performance, sales, and more. SkillSuite gives you a bird’s-eye view to help you make the best decisions.

A screen shot of the Bella Lash website. Behind the screen shot is the SkillSuite Growth icon, an arrow above a graph in an upward motion.
A screen shot of the SkillSuite Student panel.
A screen shot of the SkillSuite Course Completion panel.
A screen shot of the SkillSuite Sales and Earnings panel.
A graphic that shows the SkillSuite Logo connected to HubSpot, Yotpo, Klaviyo, and Recharge.

Connect Your Favorite Apps

SkillSuite works seamlessly with your favorite apps, so you are never without the tools you use for success.

Connect with YotPo, Klaviyo, HubSpot, and ReCharge with more integrations on the way