SkillSuite: CORP™

The Easiest Way to Train Employees and Track Progress
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Organize Your People

Import and organize your people into groups, assign tags and courses, and track their success.

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Train Your Employees

Create any course with powerful tools design to train any facet of your business.

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Automate Your Growth

Let SkillSuite do the heavy lifting with powerful automations. Automatically assign Compliance, and more.

Tools to Build Any Training


Introduce vital information your employees will need to succeed within your company. Cover history, important policies, and collect fun information to personalize their initiatory experience.

Three people having a meeting
The hands of a woman typing on a keyboard, with a notebook next to her.

Compliance Training

The most routine aspect to your training requirements. Automatically schedule interval training, track progress, and automate email reminders.

Safety Training

Create training to ensure the safety standards of your organization among your people.

An employee walking through a warehouse
A chef plating a steak.

Department Training

Each organization has a very specific set of standards and pipelines to complete your work. Create training to educate your practices for efficient work.

"The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay."

-Henry Ford

The Perfect Tools For Your HR Needs

Features your team needs to succeed
The simplified SkillSuite course builder logo. A notebook with the SkillSuite S on it.
Course Builder

Build Your Training in Minutes. Don't waste time trying to figure out your LMS. Drag and drop your content, and deploy with a click of a button.

The simplified SkillSuite Quiz Builder logo. A speech bubble with a question mark and a speech bubble with a check mark.
Quiz and Test Builder

Test For Understanding, Certify With Confidence. Create a testing and certification pipeline right within your lessons.

The simplified SkillSuite Form Builder Logo. A piece of paper with a pencil.
Survey and Form Builder

Send out employee surveys and forms to collect the data you need to create your success.

The simplified SkillSuite Manage logo. A personnel flow chart.
Groups and Tags

Customize your entire organization into groups and tags, allowing you to create detailed automations.

The simplified SkillSuite Automations Logo. A round cog with three arrows forming a circle around it.
Automation and Flows

Take full advantage of the power Automation toolset. Let SkillSuite do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what matters most.

The simplified SkillSuite Growth Logo. An graph with indicated growth.
Generate Detailed Reporting

Get a bird's-eye-view of everything happening within your company. See how each course is performing, and the needs of each team member.